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"Important in the history of Sydney's development, Glebe Island Bridge demands a dynamic role in the city's future.  Its strategic site, innovative engineering and elegant design make it an ideal pedestrian and cycle conduit to extend our city's green transport network. We must preserve and re-use this treasure ... "
President, The Glebe Society

Glebe Island Bridge - Give it Back!

Our rally to restore the Glebe Island Bridge (held on Thursday 3 December 2020) has succeeded in harvesting some publicity and support for our cause. We estimate at least 130 people attended and many more have indicated by email their support.

View the article about the Bridge and rally which appeared in City Hub.

The Glebe Society had written to Transport NSW requesting the restoration of the Bridge and for it to made into a pedestrian cycleway. Shortly after the rally we received a response which you can read here. Although it provides no commitment to restoring the Glebe Island Bridge it indicates that it is being investigated as part of a walking and cycling link.

If you did not sign the petition and want to, it can be accessed at

Great to have had so much support for our cause.

You can view the video from the rally below.

Photos from the rally

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The Bridge's Potential

Glebe Island Bridge is a valuable public asset which is currently idle. It potentially offers pedestrians and cyclists a safe and picturesque alternative to the traffic-laden Anzac Bridge and could restore the direct link between Rozelle/Balmain and Pyrmont/City.

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Allan Truss Bridge
The current neglected state of the bridge
(Image: Martin Lawrence, April 2015)

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